Consent to process personal data in mandates related to executive search and recruitment.

I hereby consent to my personal data being registered and processed in mandates related to executive search and recruitment involving me. The data I provide shall be at the disposal of recruitment personnel in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR, 2018).

Data Controller
WeCon Oy
Business ID: 2456380-1
Address: Mäenrinne 1 A 8, 02160 Espoo

Data Protection Officer
Laura Willberg
Phone: +358 50 586 2769

Name of the register
WeCon Oy – ehdokasrekisteri

Processing of personal data
Data you submitted in your application are registered for WeCon Oy in the ReachMee recruitment system used by WeCon Oy.

We process the following personal data:
Contact details: email address, phone number, address
Answers to the questions on the application form

Additional data:
Personal cover letter
Other attached files (certificates)
Interview data
Test answers to occupational psychology tests

For what purpose do we use the data?
In relation to WeCon Oy’s mandates to conduct executive searches and recruitments, we collect and process personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation. WeCon Oy uses your data for the purpose of processing your job application. Your application is processed using an applicant profile that compiles the data you provided in your application. If you applied for a position via a public invitation or executive search, WeCon Oy will not save your data for other searches without receiving explicit consent from you.

Automated decision-making
Your personal data will be used for automated decision-making. Decision-making on each position is based on individualised profile/list of requirements.

Screening questions
You may be disqualified based on the answers you gave to the screening questions if you do not fulfil the mandatory requirements on the requirements list. Mandatory requirements have been listed on the invitation for job applications.

Occupational psychology tests
One or more occupational psychology tests may be used in our recruitment process. Your test answers will be compared against a predefined occupational psychology profile for the job. The occupational psychology profile is based on competences and other parametres from the requirements profile. Results of the occupational psychology tests will be used in deciding whether you can move forward in the process.

If you have any questions, please refer to the contact person listed in the invitation for job applications.

Who can access your personal data?
The data you provide can be accessed by WeCon Oy’s recruitment personnel. You shall also give consent for the processing of your personal data and for their release to WeCon Oy’s client for the purpose of this mandate. After your personal data have been released to the client, the client becomes an independent Data Controller and, thereby, responsible for your personal data, which shall be stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the company in question.

If you have protected identity, please refer to the contact person listed on the invitation for job applications. Also carefully consider which data to provide in your application. Only provide such data that are of relevance for the position in question.

Transferring data outside the EU or EEA
No personal data are transferred outside the EU without consent of the Data Subject.

Register protection principles
The personal data are stored for WeCon Oy on a server within the EU area used by ReachMee, the recruitment system used by WeCon Oy, and the server is protected in accordance with common data security practices. Access to personal data is protected with user-specific identifiers, passwords, and access rights.

How long are the personal data stored?
WeCon Oy will store your personal data related to this mandate for executive search or recruitment in the recruitment tool database for a period of twenty-four (24) months from submitting your application.

You have the right to know which data related to you is stored by WeCon Oy
You have the right to be provided a register extract of your personal data stored by WeCon Oy. You may also request for us to correct any incorrect data or to delete all data related to you. You also have the right to withdraw your previous consent to process your personal data. In this case, we will delete your job application and any personal data related to it from our recruitment system.

Contact details to request for a register extract or the correction/deletion of your data, or to ask other questions related to the processing of personal data:

Name: WeCon Oy
Business ID: 2456380-1
Phone: +358 50 586 2769

If you do not give consent to process your personal data in accordance with this consent form, you cannot register your personal data.